Tropical Harvest Update


Expect the active lime market to continue with slightly more smaller sizes. Cooler temps still limit Caribbean Red papaya supplies. SlimCado crop is now nearly 100% Carla variety, these tropical avocados are big! More updates below…

Caribbean Red papayas - GT

Cool temperatures limit Caribbean Red papaya production out of Guatemala

SlimCado tropical avocados - FLA / DO

Dominican SlimCado crop is now 100% Carla, which means larger sizes for this tropical avocado.

Starfruit or carambola - FLA

Winter’s season winds down in early March.

Dragonfruit - EC

Ecuador supplies arriving weekly.

Solo papayas - BR

Limited airspace impacting our supplies. Pre-books are a must!

Persian Limes - GT / MX

Lime market active with slightly better supplies of smaller sizes.

Ginger - BR

100% air from Brazil.

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