EZ slicing

intro Caribbean Red papaya going from whole to chopped easy, fast and neat Slide Caribbean Red papaya Slice off the bottom Place Caribbean Red papaya on its side. Cut off 2 to 3 inches of the bottom, enough to view the seed cavity. Slide Caribbean Red papaya Scoop out the seeds Holding the cut bottom over a bowl, scoop out most of the seeds with a large spoon. optional Slide Slice off the peel Caribbean Red papaya Stand the fruit up.

Slice off the peel in thin, downward slices.

Leave enough peel at top to hold and turn the fruit.

Position a spoon below to easily pick up the slippery peels.
Slide Caribbean Red papaya Trim the bottom Place the papaya back on its side.

Hold the top of the papaya while you trim any remaining peel off the bottom.
Slide Caribbean Red papaya Cut off the top With the peel off, cut off about 2 to 3 inches off the top. intro Caribbean Red papaya For cubes or long slices Slice down the middle of the papaya. intro Caribbean Red papaya For the seedless option Flip over to show seed cavity. Scoop out any remaining seeds and any white fibers. Slide Caribbean Red papaya Flip it! If chopping for salads, turn the papaya seed cavity down, and slice lengthwise to your desired width for your cubes or long slices. Slide Caribbean Red papaya For cubes Turn the chopping board and slice across the papaya for bite-sized chunks. Slide Caribbean Red papaya papaya ready to go Salads, salsa, sides, desserts and smoothies await For downloadable instructions